I Am Top Shelf

this is what I'm up to. and a few things i find cool.

New video from Enyukay

Still one of my favorite artist

Come Get It Bae

This is probably one of my favorite tracks right now. Almost forgot about this beat but Gums. painted the picture so clear I see the visuals playing out in my head. 

Here is my latest project that I have released with my good friend Dr. Byron Young. We have had many conversations as to how we can help the community and this is our way of giving back. Pure Magic is a hip hop relaxation compilation of instrumentals intended to promote the practice of mindful meditation. We wanted to share this with everyone because as most of us do, we spend our days working and stressing and not taking care of the most important muscle in our bodies, our minds. With this album, we intended for it to be roughly 30 minutes for you as the listener to take the time to relieve yourself of stress and anxiety.

The album is available for free through cdbaby, spotify, and the soundcloud link above. If you would like to support and purchase the project it is also on iTunes, Amazon and cdbaby.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the project. 

- Mike Brown